racist voicemail message for hmong city council candidate

Bee Kevin Xiong is running for City Council in St. Paul, to represent Ward 6. He happens to be Hmong American. I guess this fact bothers some people.

This is a recording of a racist message left on Xiong's voicemail from a concerned St. Paul resident. He's complaining about a campaign flyer that was distributed to him, but his real issue is clearly with the Hmong population that is apparently "taking over" the state of Minnesota. Take a listen:

Here's a transcript of his message:
Hello. I just got your flyer. I'm a house owner and property owner of the city of St. Paul, and I know a lot of people who would not vote for you. You are Hmong, and I don't understand why you people think you can take the state of Minnesota over like this. We would never vote for you. You all do everything to have the Hmongs come over in the city of St. Paul. You've taken over the state of Minnesota practically, and we don't agree with that. The only people that's going to vote for you is the Hmong people. I don't understand why you guys throw this stuff out and you think you can, what... You own your own businesses, and you do your own businesses, and you purchase things from your own businesses. You buy Toyotas and you buy Hondas -- what, because you guys can't fit inside a Cadillac or truck or something? We don't understand that. You'll never make it to council... with the people in Minnesota. So don't send your shit over here, I'm telling you that. Fucking Hmongs.
I wish the caller had left his name. I'm guessing he supports Xiong's opponent, incumbent Dan Bostrom. Ignorant and infuriating as this asshole's message is, it also serves as a reminder that these attitudes are indeed out there, and probably not going away any time soon.

All it took was a campaign flyer to set this guy off -- can you imagine the everyday hate this guy has stewing in his brain? More here: Dan Bostrom Supporter Leaves Racist Message for Ward 6 Opponent Bee Kevin Xiong.

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