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Giant Robot Podcast: Tamlyn Tomita: Giant Robot's got a great podcast conversation with actress (and my lifelong crush) Tamlyn Tomita, perhaps best known for her debut screen role as Kumiko in Karate Kid, Part II -- 25 years ago! -- and currently as Mike Chang's mom on Glee.

Red Chair Interview: Why Yul Kwon ditched law for TV: Yul Kwon, former Survivor winner and host of the PBS series America Revealed, talks about why he decided to leave a safe, respectable career as a lawyer to be on television.

The Secret Origin of ADAM WARROCK: Check out this interview with "the internet's foremost comic book rapper" Adam WarRock, featuring video of him performing at the comic book store Comicazi in Somerville, MA.

Dumbfoundead: A cool profile on our friend Jonathan Park, aka emcee Dumbfoundead, who "hasn't become huge because he's an Asian who raps; he made it because he's a good rapper who happens to be Asian."

Thick Dumpling Skin: How to Respect What's On the Inside: Our good friends Lynn Chen and Lisa Lee, co-founders of Thick Dumpling Skin, interview each other about food, body image and the Asian American community, as well as the advice they would give to their teen selves.

Top 5 Asian Hotties: Patrick and Stephen of the National Film Society give you their definitive list of the top five hottest Asian movie and TV stars of all time.

A Day with Sophia Chang: Hypebeast follows around and takes some photos of designer/illustrator and "the official bun queen" Sophia Chang.

Save Sessions LA: Here's a good LA Weekly piece on Sessions LA, a music writing and recording program for youth in the Rampart District of Los Angeles, and their recent fundraising efforts to continue programming.

Racebending And Actors' Responsibilities: "Now, as amused as I am by the prospect of America's Vampire Sweetheart playing an anti-government terrorist (though what do you bet her stance is watered down?), the offer raises an issue for me. Do actors have any sort of responsibility when they're offered work that furthers bad trends in the industry?"

K-pop: Soft Power for the Global Cool: "From the unapologetic fanaticism that is often connected with hallyu (the recent spread of Korean culture around the globe), it is almost as if the K-pop factor just fell onto the South Korean government's lap, eagerly waiting to be used as an instrument for expanding soft power and cultural engagement with the world."

Meet Karin Wang, Civil Rights Advocate and Proud Taiwanese American: TaiwaneseAmerican.org interviews Karin Wang, Vice-President of Programs & Communications at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center.

Asian-Americans are best kept demographic secret: "As the race to the presidency goes full throttle, candidates should not ignore the best-kept demographic secret in politics: the rise of Asian-American voters."

An Uplifting Tale" Gary Lee's pursuit of the American dream took him from a USC dorm room to a White House job to a Fulbright scholarship -- in Korea.

Southern Hospitality, but Not for Newcomers: Author Yunte Huang reflects on his Alabama roots and sounds off the state's recently passed law making it a crime to knowingly give an undocumented immigrant a ride.

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