11-year-old kid fights back against kidnapping carjacker

You're eleven years old. You and your little sister are waiting for your dad in his truck, when a stranger jumps in tries to drive off with it -- with you inside. What would you do? I think I'd pee in my pants.

This actually happened to 11-year-old Jonah Yano on Thanksgiving Day. However, he did not pee in his pants. He took action: 11-Year-Old Hero Attacks Kidnapping Suspect, Protects His Younger Sister.

When the suspect got in the truck, Jonah jumped on him, giving his dad enough time to open the door, pull the carjacker out of the truck, and beat the crap out of him. That's a badass big brother:
Yano said within a split second, his truck began to pull forward, with his 9-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son inside. He ran to the driver's side door.

“(When) I opened the car (door), I saw my son holding the guy down with his left hand,” said Yano.

“I just grabbed his shoulder and started punching his face, telling him to get out of the truck,” said Jonah Yano.

Jonah Yano said he wasn't scared -- his younger sister was in trouble and he needed to help her. Despite being much smaller than the 35-year-old man, Jonah gave his father enough time to pull the suspect out of the truck.

“If my son didn't jump in, he would have just taken off with her down the street,” said Jonah Yano.
It should be noted that young Jonah, in addition to being very brave, has apparently been practicing jiu jitsu for several years -- and put it to some damn good use. More here: 11-Year-Old Hero Uses Jiu Jitsu Training to Fend Off Kidnapper, Protects His Younger Sister.

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