bruce lee flipbooks: lively! active! frisky!

Bruce Lee Motion Pictures on Paper! Over on Salon.com, they recently re-posted this cool Imprint piece on the phenomenon of Bruce Lee flipbooks from the 1970s. You know I'm crazy about all things Bruce, and these books are just another cool piece of nostalgia: The bizarre Bruce Lee flipbook craze.

"The Newest Thing! Using papers to produce a sense of movement!" That cracks me up. As the author notes, "Based on the cover headlines of each volume, you'd think that the publishers had invented the phenomenon known as persistence of vision." Here are some more photos:

See more photos here. I also love how the book's copy promises that anybody can attain Bruce Lee's martial arts technique just by imitating the actions in the book. It's that easy! Now, where can I get me some of these vintage Bruce Lee flipbooks? How much are these going for on eBay? (Thanks, Rb.)

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