casting call for blood games seeks a truckload of asian stereotypes

Um, what the hell is this? Got this casting call passed along to me, for a low-budget feature film called Blood Games. And it does not look good.

I don't know what this movie is, but they're looking a handful of Asian guys to play an "average karate master," a "sneaky Asian tour guide," a "scary looking" Asian fighter, and an Asian cop. They certainly aren't hiding the fact that they want some seriously stereotypical Asians.

But really, the worst part is the characters' names. Take a look:
Casting Notice

Project Name: Blood Games
Project Type: Feature Film
Rate/Compensation: $100/day SAG Ultra Low Budget

Master Splinter
Male / 40 to 70 / Asian
He is your average Karate master from every movie.

Male / 20 to 35 / Asian
He is one very sneaky Asian tour guide. He is pretty short and is always trying to speaking english and failing at it hard.

Male / 30 to 40 / Asian
Tough and interesting/scary looking. Asian fighter. Very muscular. Actor requires to know Martial Arts Basics.

Detective Tainipo Nee
Male / 35 to 50 / Asian
An Asian cop.
You really have to say the names aloud to get the full effect. Like I said, I don't know anything about this project -- is this even real? -- but it kind of looks like crap. And that's all the time or energy I really care to devote to this racist low budget dogshit. (Thanks, Douglas.)

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