miss kim, january 19-29

Miss Kim is a play about a Korean American woman coming to terms with being sexually abused by her uncle, family denial and betrayals, and somehow finding humor through it all. What's even more unique about this Off-Broadway play is that the lead, Gina Kim, is telling her own story.

Miss Kim will be performed at the 45th Street Theatre in New York City starting January 19 through January 29. More information:

MISS KIM is a true story about a Korean-American girl who survives a series of tragedies ranging from sexual abuse, an attempted suicide, a woefully traumatic dating life and a puzzling health scare. She reconciles these wrongs with a unique blend of humor. Gina Kim re-enacts scenes of her life supported by 5 multi-talented actors including Broadway's Kathy Deitch.

Written by:
Gina Kim & Ryan Tofil

Directed by:
Matthew Corozine

Produced by:
Gina Kim & Elvin Roytman

Show Dates:

* Thu 1/19/12 - 8pm
* Fri 1/20/12 - SOLD OUT!
* Sat 1/21/12 - 2pm & 7pm
* Sun 1/22/12 - 2pm
* Thu 1/26/12 - 8pm
* Fri 1/27/12 - 8pm
* Sat 1/28/12 - 2pm & 7pm
* Sun 1/29/12 - 2pm
Visit the official website for even more info, including how to purchase tickets. Get'em quick -- the Jan 20 show is already sold out.

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