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Hey, students. OCA, a national organization dedicated to advancing the political, social, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans, is now accepting applications for its 2012 Summer Internship Program in Washington DC.

Celebrating its 23rd year, the OCA Internship Program seeks to cultivate future leadership by APA providing students from all over the country a hands-on opportunity to be involved in the political process. Here are some more details about the internship:
Summer Internship Program

We are happy to announce that the 2012 Summer Internship Application is now open. Students are encouraged to apply early! The summer internship program is one of OCA's signature programs and introduces interns to public policy in Washington, DC.

Deadline: March 12, 2012 11:30pm EST

In addition to connecting interns with the APA community and developing their leadership skills, OCA also brings summer interns to the OCA National Convention, the largest APA conference in the country. The 2012 national convention will be in Las Vegas, Nevada from August 2 - 5. The convention will feature speakers, entertainment, workshops, and our signature gala. Applicants are strongly encouraged to make sure they are able to attend.


Please check the Placements for potential internship locations. At this location, interns will be supervised and given projects that will expose interns to public policy decisions. If you have any questions, please contact studentleadership@ocanational.org.


The stipend amount will be based upon available funding, but usually ranges from $2,000-2,500 for 10 weeks of full-time work. Interns receive half of their stipend midway through their internship, and the other half upon successful completion of their internship.


Accepted interns are required to find their own housing in Washington, DC for the duration fo their internship. OCA encourages interns to find housing together to reduce costs. Also, many former interns say that living together was one of the best parts of their summer internship experience. There are many affordable summer sublets and apartments available in the DC Metro area. Please see the summer housing guide for more information.

Special Projects:

OCA National Convention - Interns help organize and plan our annual National Convention, the largest annual APA conference in the country. This year's convention will be in Las Vegas, Nevada from August 2-5, 2012.

Campus/Community Action Plan - Interns are required to research, create, and present a campus action plan before the conclusion of the internship. Interns are expected to identify an issue, challenge, or problem on their campus and to organize and develop solutions to address their issue.


Weekly Internship Class - This mandatory weekly internship class is coordinated by OCA with the help of various national APA community partners. It will address various APA issues, include teambuilding activities, and leadership development. It will also provide a space for interns to facilitate discussion on issues impacting them and their community.

Legislative Visits - Interns will be given the opportunity to schedule meetings with their member of Congress or Senator for a lobbying visit. Visits will entail discussions concerning public policy and an inside look at the legislative work of Congress.
I've heard this internship described as sort of a crash course on how a national APA advocacy organization makes change for you and your community. This is your chance to see and take part in how it all goes down from the ground up.

I've met some really cool young people who have gone through this program. Could you be one of them? The application deadline is March 12, 2012. For further information on OCA and the Summer Internship, including how to apply, go to the OCA National website here.

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