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YOMYOMF at Sundance: The First Time: Philip at You Offend Me You Offend My Family commemorates the anniversary of Justin Lin's breakthrough indie film Better Luck Tomorrow, which made its controversial world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival a decade ago.

Nominated for Nothing: 'Fast Five': Speaking of Justin Lin... Okay, so it was probably a long shot that Justin Lin's Fast Five would be nominated for an Oscar, but this EW blogger makes the case that this non-nominee was perhaps simply too awesome for the Academy Awards.

They 'went for broke' in WWII while their families were broken: A recent viewing of the movie Red Tails, producer George Lucas' World War II tale of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, inspires a blogger to wonder when Hollywood will finally make a movie about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Celebrating the New Year With Asian American Poetry: In honor of the Lunar New Year, here's a Huffington Post video slideshow featuring the twelve kickass Asian American poets doing their thing.

After 'The Wire' ended, actress Sonja Sohn couldn't leave Baltimore's troubled streets behind: Here's a cool story on actress and community activist Sonja Sohn, who played Detective Shakima "Kima" Greggs on HBO's The Wire, and founded the Baltimore-based youth outreach program ReWired for Change.

Francis Jue: Non-Traditional Casting and Equal Opportunity: Actor Francis Jue (aka that guy in Joyful Noise) writes about race and non-traditional casting and equal opportunity in theater, film and television.

Small talk: Krys Lee: A Q&A with writer Krys Lee, whose first book Drifting House is a collection of short stories set in North Korea, South Korea and the United States.

Designer Vera Wang Stuns in Swimsuit at 62: At 62 years old, designer Vera Wang looks pretty darn good in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Killing the Messenger: The latest issue of Written By, the magazine of the Writers Guild of America, has an interesting cover story (page 24) on Veena Sud, the controversial executive producer of AMC's crime drama The Killing.

Asian-Americans Push for District of Their Own: Asian-American civic groups are pushing for redistricting in Brooklyn that would give growing Asian ethnic groups a district and representation of their own.

My Chinese New Year: "Growing up, I felt like an outsider. When holidays like Chinese New Year came around, I would panic. My Taiwanese friends would talk excitedly about how they would spend their New Year money and compare their plans for the holiday. As for me, I had nothing to say."

Tony Hsieh's excellent Las Vegas adventure: Here's an INC.com profile on Tony Hsieh, the immensely successful, multi-millionaire founder of Zappos.com.

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