coming soon: hk action-style game sleeping dogs

I'm not much of a gamer, but I just heard about the upcoming action game Sleeping Dogs, and it sounds kind of cool. The "gritty, open-world cop drama" was previously known as Activision's True Crime: Hong Kong, until plans for the game were scrapped. The rights were subsequently picked up by Square Enix: 'True Crime' game reborn as 'Sleeping Dogs.'

Set in the Hong Kong underworld, Sleeping Dogs is a "cop drama" casts you as undercover police officer Wei Shen as he attempts to take down the Triads. Shoot-outs, street races and martial arts brawls ensue. If you're a fan of Asian action flicks, this sounds like it could be for you.

Here's the live-action game trailer, which doesn't actually reveal any game play, but gives an idea of the feeling they're going for:

Sleeping Dogs will be out for PS3, 360 and PC sometime later this year. More info, including screenshots, here: Square-Enix Announces Sleeping Dogs. (Thanks, Tom.)

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