the legend of lin

If you told me last Friday that in one week's time, Jeremy Lin would be the most exciting, talked about player in the NBA, I would have laughed at your ass. I love the guy, but we were not in that place. Now, we are waaaay beyond that place. Now, do you believe? Yes: With 38 Points, the Legend Grows.

Tonight at Madison Square Garden, school was in session. Jeremy scored a career-high 38 points -- his fourth straight game with at least 20 -- leading the charge for the Knicks to the beat the Lakers, 92-85. Kobe who? Let's go to the video:

It feels unreal. Raise your hand if you tuned in to The Jeremy Lin Show. Raise your hand if your entire family tuned in to The Jeremy Lin Show. Yup. You, me, you... I see that hand back there. You. Yeah, pretty much everybody. Especially us Asians: Sharing a Heritage With a New Knicks Star.

Longtime readers know we've been following Jeremy's career for a while... but the party just got a lot bigger. Dare I say it, Jeremy Lin is the biggest sports story in a city that just won the effin' Super Bowl. How crazy was it to see 20,000 people jump to their feet every time the ball landed in Jeremy's hands?

I swear, I'm not planning on posting every time Jeremy plays... but just when you think we've seen all the good stuff, it gets better. I don't think we've ever seen anything quite like this -- and it's all been over the span of a week! The Jeremy Lin Show continues.

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