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A Run Like No Other: Can you believe it? Linsanity has propelled Jeremy Lin onto the cover of Sports Illustrated for the second consecutive week -- so does mean double the jinx, or do they cancel each other out?

Lin's Journey To Stardom Advertisement: Jeremy Lin sits down with ESPN's Rachel Nichols to get introspective on his crazy, sudden rise to fame.

Knicks' Jeremy Lin holds mirror up to America: As Lin captivates fans with basketball prowess, he also makes people confront their biases and reassess why Asian Americans have been publicly categorized in ways unacceptable for other minorities.

Jeremy Lin puts the ball in Asian Americans' court: Great Los Angeles Times piece by Oliver Wang on how Jeremy Lin is helping reshape the popular imagination around Asian Americans in sports.

Jeff Yang On ESPN's Terrible Headline: Why Not "Hornets To JLin: Oh, Bee-hive!" Gothamist interviews Tao Jones columnist Jeff Yang, who breaks down on the controversy over the ESPN headline, and the new territory the world is wading into with an bona fide Asian American basketball star.

Comic book artist Bernard Chang's tribute to number 17.

Reaction to Lin's success shows underlying racism: "He was dramatically stepping away from the invisibility that has been imposed on Asian Americans for generations. Or, more accurately, he was playing basketball the way he has always done it, and it sent him over a social tripwire."

'Teachable Moments' Of Jeremy Lin Slurs Should Have Already Been Taught: "By the time a derogatory term used for Asians aired on ESPN and was also published on its nationally-popular website, what had become a moment of joy for basketball fans, New Yorkers and Asians was officially tainted."

Buzz Bissingers spouts off on race and Jeremy Lin - and we all cringe: "You know it's quite the man who thinks there are worse things you can call Jeremy Lin - AND THEN PROCEEDS TO NAME THEM. All the while, reminding Asians of our place on the racial slur ladder, touting that racial slurs haven't hindered Lin's success (at least in the last 17 days), and making sure he cites other black athletes to legitimize this type of thinking."

Linsanity 4: Can't escape race, no matter what: "As uncomfortable as it is, we can't escape the hyper-sensitive topic of race in the otherwise giddy and uplifting Jeremy Lin story, or Linsanity, which roars along more than two weeks after it exploded on the pop-cultural, entertainment and sports universe."

Happy VaLINtine's Day: Terry Park, who holds the crown of Mr. Hyphen 2011, with a love letter ("Candy Hearts and Jump Shots") to Mr. Jeremy Lin.

Why Lin-sanity, but no Nguyen-sanity? Anton DuGong examines why there is Lin-sanity for Jeremy Lin, but there was never such feverish adoration ("Nguyen-sanity ") for NFL player Dat Nguyen.

Not Yet Sick of the Linsanity: "Linsanity" feels cross-generational, old-school and unrecognizably new. It's old-school because it's rooted in actual accomplishment: Lin is playing great basketball.

Jeremy Lin: 5 Misguided Arguments His Haters Make and Why They're Wrong: "Here are five common arguments that Lin's haters have put forth and why they are all terribly mis-Linformed (more Jeremy Lin puns to come)."

Will Life After 'Lin' Change NBA Recruiting? "Did scouts miss a diamond in the rough, did Lin take full advantage of a unique situation - or was it both? And will his performance hasten the emergence of other "Jeremy Lin"s in the league?"

The Asian American Basketball Leagues That Helped Create Linsanity: "California, where Lin grew up, is home to a large and storied network of Asian American basketball leagues that have been around for nearly a century."

Leave Jeremy Lin Alone: "The Accelerated Age has taken the phenomenon out of the phenomenon of being a phenomenon. It used to have some build to it. It used to take a while."

Jeremy Lin The Musical: Yup. An "epic" musical about the fictional teenaged life of Jeremy Lin, purportedly made in under a week with absolutely no budget (and it shows)... but a lot of heart! You get the idea.

Jeremy Lin: The $170 Million Man: "The most tangible impact has been on the market cap of Madison Square Garden (MSG), whose stock has jumped 7% to close Thursday at $31.87 from its close at $29.77 on Feb. 7 when Lin first entered the Knicks' starting lineup. That translates to a $170 million to the company's market cap to $2.4 billion."

Jeremy Lin's jersey ends up fetching $42,388 for charity: Someone paid top dollar for the No. 17 jersey Jeremy Lin wore the night he scored 38 points against the Lakers. I hope it got washed first.

Jeremy Lin, avoid Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian: Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew, of all people, offers some words of advice to Jeremy Lin for his upcoming visit to Miami: "Beware the power of the coochie."

Asian Men with Balls: Sociosexual Implications of Linsanity: "...Linsanity could very well redefine the Asian American man as a sexually acknowledged being. Frankly put, our basketball whiz kid has given the rest of us balls."

Lin-Demonium! Cuff LIN-ks? LIN-en gown? Man, Saks is reaaaally stretching it with this thin attempt to cash in on Jeremy Lin's popularity.

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