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Remembering Vincent Chin: Pete Hoekstra and Being Asian in America: Remember Vincent Chin, Michigan resident and victim of a brutal, race-based hate crime murder committed in 1982? Blogger Bruce Reyes-Chow reminds us that the sad reality behind Hoekstra's fear-mongering, downright idiotic racist campaign ad is that racism against Asians never went away.

Telling the Story of Civil Rights in America: Fred Korematsu and The Struggle for Justice: The Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery recognizes Fred Korematsu with two photographs in its Struggle for Justice exhibition, which pays tribute to civil rights leaders and organizers.

An Open Letter to Lawrence O'Donnell: "This is not about one woman's bad decision. This is about an entire culture complicit in perpetuating these ugly stereotypes." Struggling actress Joyce Wu reacts to Lawrence O'Donnell's commentary on Pete Hoekstra's campaign ad.

Far East Movement -- Exclusive WSJ Interview: How did Far East Movement get big? A mix of huge talent, applying door-to-door sales techniques to social media, and giving away their music for free at shows.

Interview: Adam WarRock, The Comic Book Rapper: Adam WarRock, who is now on tour, discusses his inspiration ("way too much TV as a kid"), his thoughts on SOPA ("F*ck SOPA"), and what to expect from his new album ("a lot of comic book references").

Can Girls' Generation Break Through in America?: Jeff Yang predicts that the hype surrounding K-Pop sensation Girls' Generation will translate to a U.S. audience -- mainly because the group can speak English.

The Street Fighter: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara busts asses on Wall Street and makes it on this week's cover of TIME magazine.

The Dangers of Being a Model Minority: A 16 year-old gets the consequences of subtle racism better than most of us do.

The Fleeting Memories of Angel Island: 72 years ago, the immigration station at Angel Island, where several Chinese immigrants were detained for days and weeks on end, closed its doors. The few living witnesses share what they remember.

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