vote for paperdoll to play at sxsw

Our friends in the kickass band PaperDoll are competing for the chance to play next month at SXSW. They're currently in the top ten, and have a good shot at winning this online contest -- they just need your votes to help them get to Austin. Here are some more details on how you can support them:
Great News! PaperDoll has a real chance to play at SxSW - we just need to rally together and vote!

We already have a huge advantage! The contest is set up through facebook and out of all the bands, we have the most facebook fans. But in order to win, our fans (you) have to show your support and vote. Every single vote counts. You can make a huge difference.

There's an app you have to download - but its super fast. The whole process takes 7 seconds. Plus you can go back and vote everyday. Voting ends next Thu 2/09 at 3pm so please get started!

Here's how:
1) Go to the contest page
2) Vote for PaperDoll
3) Click "Share" to get friends on board

Big Thank You to Irena, Anusha, Sophia and others who voted and are spreading the word!
A click is all it takes. For further information, go here. And for more information on the band and their music, go to the PaperDoll website here.

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