aziz ansari releases dangerously delicious comedy special online for $5

Funnyman Aziz Ansari just released his latest standup comedy special, Dangerously Delicious. But rather than airing it on cable networks or getting it out through other traditional means, he's making it exclusively available to fans through his website: Aziz Ansari releases comedy special online for $5.

The Parks and Recreation star is the latest artist to cut out the middle man and distribute his material straight to fans. Taking cues from fellow comedian Louis C.K.'s recent runaway success with this model, Ansari is offering Dangerously Delicious for $5 as a stream or download.

Hey, why not? If the model works, and gets content out in a way that's fair for both fans and artists, why the hell not. Get your copy of Dangerously Delicious from Aziz Ansari's website here. You can even watch a free preview first.

You can also read this interview Aziz recently did with GQ: The GQ&A: Aziz Ansari on His New, Web-Only Comedy Special, Hearing From R. Kelly, and the Future of Parks and Recreation

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