call for entries: short notice season three

Calling all filmmakers! Short Notice, Mnet's Asian American short film showcase, is currently looking for works to air on the show's third season. Short Notice is set to return with a new host and a new awards format, including an audience award and a $5,000 grand jury prize. Here's some more information on the show and what they're looking for:
Short Notice is an hour-long television program on Mnet; featuring today’s hottest Asian-American filmmakers and their short films while providing sneak peeks into the creative process. Short Notice is the first Asian-American short film show, in addition to now being the first ever TV program to do an awards format with short films. Short Notice is currently featured in 80% of all Asian American households across the U.S.

Short Notice film submissions will be due on March 15, 2012. Filmmakers can submit their films by mailing in digital versions in the following format to the address below (digital submissions are also accepted via DL links only):

- Pro Res (29.97 fps)
- No copyrighted content (music, logos, clips)
- Bleeped profanity

An "Asian-American Short Film" is defined as: A film that features an Asian American lead or cast. Films that are directed by and/or produced by Asian-Americans also qualify. Additionally, any film that has elements/themes of Asian culture, or takes place in Asia, will also qualify for consideration.
Short film submissions for season three are due on March 15. For further information on the submission process, go to the Short Notice Facebook page here. Also check out the Short Notice YouTube channel here.

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