kal penn might be back for the house series finale

Hmmmm. According to EW, Kal Penn could be back to reprise his role as Dr. Lawrence Kutner in the upcoming series finale of the Fox medical drama House: 'House' finale scoop: Kal Penn in talks to return -- EXCLUSIVE.

This would be pretty interesting, considering that the character committed suicide in the fifth season, in one of the most shocking turns of the entire series. You'll remember that Kal departed the show to take up a job at the White House. But you might get to see him on House one more time:
We're hearing several former cast members (including the previously reported Olivia Wilde) are in talks to make appearances in the final episode of the long-running Fox medical drama. The most exciting name on the producers' wish list: Kal Penn, whose popular character committed suicide during the show's fifth season.

How would Dr. Lawrence Kutner return to House, exactly? Flashback? Dream sequence? Alternate reality? Dr. House goes to heaven?
Don't know if he'll be included as part of a flashback sequence or perhaps some sort of crazy Gregory House hallucination, but it would be cool to see Kutner in the mix to help wrap things up. (I haven't watched the show in years, and actually thought it was already off the air.)

In other Kal Penn television news, you might also get to see Mr. Modi on the tube this fall starring in the ABC comedy Prairie Dogs.

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