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FHM 'Racist' Cover Gets Nixed After Readers Complain: A recent Philippines edition of FHM has come under fire for a controversial cover featuring a light-skinned actress Bela coming forward from a group of dark-skinned Filipina models with the caption, "Bela Padilla stepping out of the shadows."

Artist Wendy Maruyama tags a dark time in history at SDSU: “The Tag Project" is a powerful installation of paper tags similar to the ones worn by Japanese Americans during internment.

[Walking out of] the Audience: An Open Letter to the Falcon Theater about DISSONANCE: "When playwright and actor Ken Narasaki sat in his seat last night to watch the West Coast premiere of DISSONANCE at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, he did not expect to walk out."

L.A. Screenwriter Chronicles 365 Consecutive Days of Conquering His Fears: Jack Tung set out to conquer his fears, and completed 365 consecutive days of doing something that scared the daylights out of him.

Jack Chin, Bay Area Man with Cancer, Hopes to Find Bone Marrow Match at S.F. Party: The party was Saturday night, but 23-year-old Jack Chin, who is suffering from leukemia, could really use your help.

Actress Suing IMDB for Revealing Her Age Can't Catch a Break: The New York Times recnetly featured a story about actress Junie Hoang's ongoing lawsuit against IMDb for publishing her actual age against her wishes -- then accidentally reported that she's a year older than she is.

Rihanna feuding with Chris Brown's girlfriend? Let's examine the evidence: Rihanna is apparently Twitter-feuding with her ex Chris Brown's current girlfriend, model Karreuche Tran -- who is of Vietnamese descent -- and is throwing some racially-charged low blows.

Unlucky 800: A fascinating profile on New York City Comptroller John Liu, whose political campaign is wrought with financial scandal.

Corruption, Lies, and Death Threats: The Crazy Story of the Man Who Pretended to Invent Email: How semantics and ardent self-promotion fooled the Smithsonian Institute and the Washington Post that Shiva Ayyadura invented email.

Roy Choi of A-Frame and Kogi on How Cookbooks Changed His Life
: Cooking powerhouse Roy Choi admits he was a huge cookbook nerd. Now he has his own recipe to share -- and it’s been 41 years in the making.

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