the canadian alexandra wallace

And now for some incredible stupidity from the north... Meet [dumbass] of Brampton, Ontario, a young woman who recently posted this racist video rant about the abundance of brown people -- aka "turbanators" and "terrorists" -- at her school. Remind you of a certain former UCLA student? They're calling her Canada's Alexandra Wallace. Here's why:

To be honest, there are moments I can barely understand what she's saying. Here's the transcript, for our reference. It's actually even worse when you write it out:
I have something I need to talk about. And I can't talk about it to anybody at my school, because you know what? Everybody at my school is brown. Okay? Brampton, man. Bramp-ton. Do you have enough turbanators? I mean, I walk down the street, I don't see any white people. I see these turbans. Man, I swear they had shanks in there, by the way. Man, why do I have to live here? Why couldn't I live in Toronto where I used to live? Why I gotta come back to Bram-ladesh? Man, I live in Canada. I don' t live in a terrorist country. Whys there so many turbans? Turban, terrorist. Terrorist, turban. They go together, man. Canada's supposed to be... [sigh] ...you know, safe? No. Tell me why I walk down the halls and all I smell is curry. Smell curry, brown. Brown, curry -- they go together. Man, that smell kills me on the inside. Anyway, can we get some more white people at my school? Brampton, come on. Seriously. Anyway, if you're white and you're watching this, and you feel the same way I feel, please message me. Add me on Facebook. [dumbass]. [d-u-m-b-a-s-s]. Or follow me on Twitter. @[dumbass]. And please help this situation. 'Cause it's starting to really cheese me. That was really ugly. But anyway, if you're brown and watching this, go back to your own country. I'm getting really tired of you guys taking over my city. Anyway, bye.
"That was really ugly." No kidding. I know, I know. By posting this, I'm giving a shameless idiot far more attention than she deserves -- maybe even exactly what she wants. But sometimes you have to flick on the light switch to expose the roaches in the room. It's pretty astounding.

Needless to say, this has already gotten people plenty angry, and has inspired a number of spirited responses across the internet. I love how she stupidly spells out her name and contact information, just in case you're interested in getting in touch with her. It looks like her Twitter account has already been deactivated. Ya think?

UPDATE: Sorry, I've edited out her name upon learning she's just sixteen. According to this article, she has dropped out of school and out of sight since the video went viral. What a way to introduce yourself to the world: Teen truly regrets making racist video, dad says.

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