coming soon: alist magazine

AList is a new nonprofit, volunteer-based quarterly Asian American magazine set to launch this summer. Its mission is the highlight leadership and professionalism in the Asian American community.

Want to get involved? They're currently putting together a team and are looking for qualified folks to fill open positions, including writers, editors, designers, photographers and other responsibilities. Here are some more details:
Join the team

Join the AList team now! We are looking to build the founding team and need to fill the positions detailed below.

AList Magazine is entirely volunteer-based with the goal of building a magazine that the Asian-American community can take pride in. If that interests you, please join us for the adventure. Email editor@alist-magazine and let us know how you'd like to help out!

Open Positions

  • Writers, Columnists, Digital Designers, and Photographers: We need writers, designers, and photographers of all types and backgrounds. Please also refer freelancers and writers who are open to having their work republished.

  • Deputy Editor: The assistant editor's main responsibility is to ensure the operational excellence of the publication.

  • Section Editors: Section editors are responsible for understanding, leading, and predicting trends in any of the specific sections: Business, Lifestyle/Arts, Sports/Entertainment.

  • Art Director: The art director is responsible for comprehensive creative work and coordination of photography. Ensures that magazine is in line with overall vision.

  • Marketing Director: The marketing director is responsible for creating leading the brand of the magazine, ensuring routes to market, and building relationships with promotional partners

  • Sales Director and Account Managers: The sales team is responsible for driving revenue to the magazine, with duties including but not limited to sales forecasting, reporting, and strategy development.

  • Development Director: works with NAAAP Chief BDO on sponsorships, ad sales, and grants

  • The premiere issue of AList is scheduled to launch at the National Association of Asian American Professional's National Convention in New York this August. For further information, go to the AList website here.

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