fund this: giap and the last ironing board factory

Passing along word about another independent film project that's trying to raise some funds... Filmmaker Tony Nguyen is currently working on Giap and the Last Ironing Board Factory, a short personal documentary about how his mother's last day of work at a factory assembly becomes his opportunity to ask the questions of a lifetime. Here's a video with some more information about the film:

And here are some more details:
GIAP AND THE LAST IRONING BOARD FACTORY is a heartfelt modern tale about the mother-son relationship between Giap Nguyen and Tony Nguyen. Giap is a refugee who fled Vietnam in 1975 while two months pregnant. A single mother who has worked on the grueling assembly line for nearly 35 years, she is finally retiring. Set in Seymour, Indiana, the town John Mellencamp made famous with his iconic rock song "Small Town," this short documentary provides an intimate look at life inside the last standing ironing-board factory in the United States. Filmmaker Tony Nguyen captures his mother Giap’s last day at the factory and attempts to reconcile an unknown past in this quirky and deeply personal film that explores parental love and the refugee experience in small town America.

THE STORY BEHIND THE FILM: When I found out my mother was finally retiring, I realized how little I knew about her job. I knew she worked in a factory but had no idea she made ironing boards. Returning home and filming my mother’s last day at work just felt like a natural thing to do and a good excuse to visit family in Indiana. I didn't know it would allow me to finally talk with my mother about the past and our relationship.

Initially, I set out to make this film for only family and friends. But with the encouragement of others, especially producer Steven Okazaki, I started to see the merit in sharing this personal story with the wider public.
I'm a sucker for stories about working class immigrant families, and based on what I've seen, this look like it could be really special. I'd love to see this film completed.

As I write this, Tony has already reached his fundraising goal of $5,000. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to help spread the word. Chip in a couple of bucks if you feel inclined. Every little bit helps. For further information about the project, and to make a pledge to Giap and the Last Ironing Board Factory, go to Kickstarter here.

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