the humberville poetry slam

Fans of spoken word will get a kick out of this... Had to share this great short film The Humberville Poetry Slam, written and directed by our friend Emily C. Chang and Dan DeLorenzo. After making the festival rounds several years back, this funny short mockumentary was recently uploaded for viewing on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Check it out:

If you know spoken word, this is funny. And Emily, a former member of the influential spoken word group I Was Born With 2 Tongues, knows this well. And the cast includes talented real-life poet Giles Li as Liberty Fu.

For more information on The Humberville Poetry Slam, go here. Emily's latest short Mouthbreather, is currently making festival rounds, and can be seen next month at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. ad for more on Emily, go to her website here.

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