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Spotted at today's Knicks/Bulls game: Jeremy Lin looking sharp in a suit.

The Rise Of Jeremy Lin And The Undrafted: "Jeremy Lin's 57-day slice of basketball history, from the night he announced himself to the world on Feb. 4 by outdueling Deron Williams to the sad bulletin that landed him in a hospital bed, is worthy of at least one more detailed rewind before the playoffs completely commandeer our focus."

Jeremy Lin Holds Post-Surgery Q&A With Facebook Fans Dude just does not stop being cool. Lin chatted with fans via Facebook after getting knee surgery, and Jeff Yang culled through the transcripts to find the best-ofs (e.g., Lin likes dolphins and penguins, because "they are just awesome").

After Shootings at Oikos U., a Scholar Urges a Nuanced Look at Stereotypes and Bullying In discussing the tragic incident last week in which former student L. Goh killed seven people at Oikos University, Asian American studies and education professor Kevin K. Kumashiro suggests that we re-frame the conversation from "What's up with Koreans?" to "What's up with the way we view Koreans?"

Nothin' Special. Ashley Quach, the artist behind Sassquatch, shares a comic about the frustrations and assumptions she encounters when other people see her with her Asian American husband.

A Case of "The Others" - Asian-owned Businesses in Black Neighborhoods Kathy Khang weighs in on cross-cultural Othering in response to former D.C. mayor Marion Barry's comments about ousting Asian businesses out of black neighborhoods, as well as her own experiences as the daughter of Korean Americans in the dry cleaning business.

Judy Chu confronts military on hazing Judy Chu's nephew Lance Cpl. Harry Lew committed suicide in April 2011. A year after the incident, she stands up to the military to tell them not enough is being done.

Open Thread: Google Imaging the Continents Do a Google Image search of "European" and "North American" and you get flags and maps. Type in "Asian" and things get a lot less informative... and a lot more racist.

A Cambodian American who can never 'go home': Sam is just one of the many young Cambodian Americans who came the United States as young refugee children, only to find themselves deported back to Cambodia -- a country they never really knew -- as American adults.

State's 49th Assembly District home to changing demographic and multi-ethnic coalition In cities throughout the San Gabriel Valley, a unique coalition of Latinos and Asians is forming over shared struggles, language barriers and class.

Aziz Ansari's Latest Is 'Dangerously Delicious' Aziz Ansari on his web-exclusive comedy special, getting his tweets quoted in news sources, and being the first Indian on MTV.

'Survivor' winner Yul Kwon talks about his new show, and whether he'll ever head back to the island: EW interviews Survivor: Cook Islands winner Yul Kwon, who is back on TV hosting the new PBS series American Revealed.

10 Reasons Why I Love L.A.'s Koreatown Actor and writer Kristina Wong will be blogging about various Asian American things all month on SoCal Focus. Here, she lists the several reasons why L.A.'s K-Town is so great.

Chasing the Chinese-American dream: A brief interview with Herb Tam, curator of the upcoming MOCA exhibit "America Through a Chinese Lens," which seeks to understand the Chinese American experience through professional and amateur photography.

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