Two USC graduate students murdered near campus

Some shocking news out of the Los Angelesl, where two students were shot and killed during a possible attempted robbery near the University of Southern California campus early Wednesday morning.

One slain USC student was shot in head, police say

Ying Wu and Ming Qu, both 23-year-old electrical engineering graduate students from China, are believed to have been talking inside a car after a late-night study session when they were approached by the killer. Both were found fatally shot:

Shortly before the attack, Qu double-parked his BMW outside the home where Wu rented a room. She came outside, sources said, and the two were believed to be sitting in the car talking when the killer either walked or drove up to the car about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Police are examining robbery as a possible motive in the case, but emphasized that it is very early in the investigation.

Wu was shot once in the chest. Qu was shot multiple times, including a gunshot wound to the head, police said. At some point, Qu got out of the car and attempted to get help. He collapsed on a nearby porch before being able to get help.

Both victims were pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Homicide detectives are working on a motive, but it's possible that the double murder may have resulted from a car-jacking gone wrong. I know from experience that the area surrounding USC can get pretty dangerous late at night, but this is still pretty shocking. More here: Ying Wu and Ming Qu, USC Grad Students From China, Identified as Shooting Victims.

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