who will be the next internet icon?

I'm looking forward to the upcoming launch of You Offend Me You Offend My Family's original YouTube channel, The YOMYOMF Network. One of the shows they're working on is Internet Icon, a competition webseries with popular YouTube celebrity Ryan Higa.

With host Chester See, men and women across the country will get the opportunity to show their stuff in a video competition show judged by Ryan Higa. Through creativity and personality, contestants will battle for the title of the next "Internet Icon." Here's Ryan with the announcement:

And here's some more information:
YOMYOMF Network, a launch partner of YouTube's groundbreaking original channels initiative, has teamed with Andy Fickman's Oops Doughnuts and Bobby Smith, Jr.'s Ashore Entertainment in search of the next "Internet Icon." YouTube sensation, Ryan Higa, will judge along with Christine Lakin. Christine is best known for her role as "Al" in the series "Step by Step" and is currently in the VH-1 series "Stevie TV" and a regular voice on the highly successful "Family Guy" television series. Chester See, currently one of the most subscribed internet artists with over 350,000 songs sold on iTunes, will host the show. Contestants will compete in a series of challenges designed to highlight their creativity and filmmaking skills in an effort to become the next big internet star. Production begins late April and the show will air in mid-May with the audience voting on a winner prior to a finale in July.
Are you the next Internet Icon? They're currently accepting submissions. The winner will get money, fame and a bunch of other stuff. But the extended deadline is Sunday, April 8, so you have to get it together quick. For further information, including the contest rules, go to the Internet Icon Facebook page here. Good luck!

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