aaldef launches youth group for dream act-eligible students in new york and new jersey

Have you heard? The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act is a proposed federal law that would give undocumented college students a chance to become legal residents, under strict guidelines.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund is collaborating with Asian DREAM Act-eligible students in New York and New Jersey to launch a youth group that will serve as a safe space for Asian youth to share their struggles, find and voice and get guidance on the issues they face.

Here's a message from a couple of DREAMers:
WE ARE Emerging Voices of Undocumented AAPI Youth!

Hi, we are Tony and Emily. We are Asian American DREAM Act-eligible youth ("DREAMers"). Yes, that means we are undocumented! We are creating a group for AAPI DREAMers in New York and New Jersey in conjunction with Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF). Why? We feel that there is a need for a safe space specifically for AAPI DREAMers. We seek to overcome our culture of shame and silence about being undocumented. We want to educate and empower so we no longer have to live in the shadows due to our immigration status.

We are working to provide a safe space to support AAPI DREAMers. We want to provide resources to fellow DREAMers (e.g. know your rights workshops, scholarship information, "Education not Deportation" (END) Cases etc.). We want to organize within our communities for a just path towards legalization and equal access to education. We are committed to working towards a more inclusive, equal society as well as protecting our rights to call our own homes home.
If you're a DREAM Act-eligible youth in New York or New Jersey, and are interested in participating in this space, your fellow AAPI DREAMers want to meet you. Contact Tony and Emily at info@aaldef.org.

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