fund this: the dream sessions: musical travel show

Our musician friend, the one and only Goh Nakamura, is working on a new musical travel show, The Dream Sessions. In each episode, he plans to visit different studios in different cities, interview musicians and record some tunes. It's sort of in the vein of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, but with music.

It sounds super cool. But in order to make it happen, Goh will have to raise some cash... and that's where you come in, with a generous donation to The Dream Sessions Kickstarter campaign. Goh explains in this video:

Here's some more information:
I had a dream about a musical travel show, kind of like Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations," but instead of being food-based, it'd be about visiting different musicians and studios... and, yeah, there'd be food too.

So, I'm starting this Kickstarter to film a web series where I go city to city, book a few days in a recording studio, invite some of my favorite musicians over, and do what I love doing most: make music.

I've been doing the solo singer songwriter thing for about 7 years now, and it feels right for me to do something a bit different for my next project... I decided to form a musical collective of my favorite musicians all over the states (and world), and make the most awesome recordings I possibly can. This is a musical exploration that will take me across the states in Season 1. I am excited and a little scared.
Show my man Goh some love and kick in a few bucks to make The Dream Sessions a reality. He's trying to raise $27,000 by May 23, and as I write this, there's still a long way to go. For further information, and to make a pledge, go to the Kickstarter campaign here.

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