man found guilty in assault over dog

Yesterday in Vinita, Oklahoma, a jury found an angry pet owner guilty of aggravated assault and battery for attacking a man who accidentally ran over his dog: Jury Returns Guilty Verdict, Recommends Sentence For Vinita Beating.

47-year-old Neng Yang was brutally beaten and wounded after he accidentally backed over and killed Scott Osborn's dog. Yang says he apologized to Osborn and offered to pay for the dog repeatedly, but was knocked out, and when he came to, was covered in blood.

Osborn says he acted in self-defense, which is complete bullshit considering the severity of Yang's injuries. Yang spent four days in the hospital, requiring reconstructive surgery after suffering shattered bones in his face, as well as two broken ribs and bruises on his leg:
The jury recommended Scott Leon Osborn, 30, serve one year in the Craig County jail for brutally attacking and wounding Neng Yang, 47, after Yang accidentally killed Osborn's Doberman Pinscher, said Bryce Lair, assistant district attorney.

Osborn's three-day trial began on Monday. He was charged in March 2011. In addition to jail time, Osborn was fined $500, court records show.

Osborn claimed he acted in self-defense while Yang testified the sun was in his eyes and he could not see the dog, Lair said. Yang, who underwent reconstructive surgery, suffered a rib-related injury, a dislocated jaw, shattered nose and damage to his eye, he said.
One year in county jail? And a $500 fine? Does that sound right?

As defined by Oklahoma courts, the maximum sentence for aggravated assault and battery is five years in the state penitentary or one year in the county jail.

Osborn is scheduled to be sentenced on July 16. If you ask me, he should spend five years in prison just on principle, for being an asshole. More here: Craig County jury convicts Vinita man for assault over a dog.

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