petition for asian american studies at unc charlotte

Got this online petition passed along to me, and I gotta support... The Asian Student Association at UNC Charlotte has launched a online petition to bring Asian American Studies to the university. When I consider the powerful role of Asian American studies in my own identity and education, I'm always down to help out the effort to get the discipline into any school. So here you go: Asian American Studies at UNC Charlotte.
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is North Carolina's urban research university. With an enrollment ranking it fourth among the 17 schools in the UNC system, it is the largest public university in the greater Charlotte metropolitan region, serving an area with a population that exceeds 2 million.

With the increasing amount of students, so does the population of Asian Americans and Asian-interest Students. Therefore, the Asian Student Association is petition to bring an Asian American Studies to UNC Charlotte.

Asian American Studies is an academic discipline which studies the experience of people of Asian ancestry in America. Closely related to other Ethnic Studies disciplines such as African American Studies, Latino/a Studies, and Native American Studies, Asian American Studies critically examines the history, culture, politics, issues, and experiences of Asian Americans. Drawing from numerous disciplines such as sociology, history, literature, political science, and gender studies, Asian American Studies scholars consider a variety of perspectives and employ diverse analytical tools in their work. Unlike "Asian" Studies which focuses on the history, culture, religion, etc. of Asian people living in Asia, Asian American Studies is interested in the history, culture, experiences, of Asians living in America.
So far, they haven't gathered a whole lot of signatures, but it's a start. Take a look at the petition and sign it here. UNC Charlotte, we've got your back.

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