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How to Fix Popchips' Racist Ad Campaign Anil Dash offers up a strategic response to the stupid, unfunny, and just plain racist Popchips ad with Ashton Kutcher sporting brownface. Pretty admirable on Dash's part, considering how stupid, unfunny, and just plain racist the ad is.

Once you pop, you can't stop (being racist): On the Popchips backlash backlash Not surprising that when you point out racism, especially in comedy, you get some backlash. Sylvie Kim takes it on.

A Complete Guide to Hipster Racism' Did you know that making racist jokes isn't called irony? It's called racism, assholes.

The Avengers go to Calcutta - an incredible hulking shame Sandip Roy wonders how the new Avengers movie takes a modern take on everything but India.

Top 5 Japanese Americans You Don't Want to Mess With 8 Asians serves up another list of Asian American badasses.

Muslims from O.C. see meaning in Manzanar In the aftermath of 9/11, many Japanese Americans drew parallels between what happened to them during WWII and the bigotry and fear mongering the Muslim American community experienced. Now, a group of Muslims in Orange County makes an annual pilgrimage to Manzanar, a former internment camp, as a way to build understanding and bridge communities.

Author Jeff Chang: Hip-hop Predicted the L.A. Riots: Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of The Hip Hop Generation, takes a moment to talk about how hip hop didn't cause the Los Angeles Riots, but did a damn good job at expressing why they happened.

Rodney King, Redux Min Hyoung Song, author of Strange Future: Pessimism and the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, on the history that led up to the events of April 29, 1992, and why he deliberately chose the word "riot" to describe what happened.

Learning From Our Past & Strengthening Our Future Daphne Kwok, Chairperson for Obama's Advisory Commission on the API community, kicks off API Heritage Month with a message for all Asian Americans, both multi-generational and newly-arrived.

The Next Generation Awards 2012: Iimay Ho Meet Iimay Ho, co-founder of the Rainbow Dragon Fund, a giving circle for queer APIs, and one of this year's D.C. Metro Weekly's Next Generation Award recipients.

Her Father, My Father Elizabeth Jayne Liu compares her childhood with her own daughter's, reflecting on growing up with a mostly absent father.

Asian-Americans An Untapped Voting Bloc?
A recent study released by the U.S. Census reveals that Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing
groups in the country. A third of these voters vote independent. NPR asks Mee Moua and Jane Junn about this overlooked voting bloc.

Asian Americans: 2012's Stealth Swing Vote? Here's another one about that recent study from the Census Bureau, this time from The Atlantic.

A room of her own: Where are the female executive chefs? Despite an increase in the number of female-owned restaurants, the number of women who run kitchens remains small. This article attempts to answer why.

American Whiz Rises Up In The World Of Ping-Pong Ariel Hsing is 16 years old and already well on her way to the Summer Olympics.

California State Employee Logs 70 Years of Service 91-year-old May Lee started at the California Department of Finance in 1943, and hasn't stopped working for the state since.

Two-Daddy Families Show the Path to Daddy-Love An interview with Patrick Wang, writer/director of In the Family, a film about a tragedy that strikes a family consisting of two fathers and a son.

'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Director Jon Chu on Why You Should Give The Sequel A Chance An exclusive interview with Jon Chu, on why the first G.I. Joe movie was cool and why you should stick around for the second one.

The Billionaire Who Wants to Remake Downtown Las Vegas" When CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh moves his company to Vegas's lackluster downtown, he also plans on renovating this overlooked part of town.

David Chang on THE PAUL HOLDENGRABER SHOW David Chang of Momofuku fame on the excitement of bad mistakes, the power of failure, and conflicting feelings on Thoreau.

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