missing san diego college student located

Hiu-Ting Jessica Lo, the San Diego college student who was reported missing last week, has been reportedly located: Police: Missing Local College Graduate Located.

Lo, who recently graduated from Mesa College, was supposed to board a flight to Hong Kong on Wednesday morning, but she never checked in.

Authorities haven't released further information about her whereabouts, but according to Missing Persons Unit detectives, she's been and located and her parents have been notified:
Detectives with the Missing Persons Unit reported Monday that 19-year-old Jessica Lo has been located, according to a news release issued by the San Diego Police Department.

No more details -- including how or where Lo was found -- were included in the release.

Lo was last seen by her family on June 9. She was supposed to fly out of San Diego to Hong Kong last Wednesday but never made her flight. Her family became concerned and reported her missing on Saturday.

On Monday afternoon, detectives located Lo. Her family has been notified.

Police said Lo is no longer considered a missing person.
Okay, I'm glad she's been located. I'm sure some details will eventually emerge about where the hell she's been, because this is pretty weird. But for now, she's no longer missing. More here: Missing college student located.

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