novelstarter: a writing workshop with alexander chee, june 18

Hey writers! Having some trouble getting your novel off the ground? The Asian American Writers' Workshop is offering a one-session fiction workshop with Alexander Chee, author of the critically acclaimed Edinburgh to help you out with that.

For extra help on approaches, the art of beginning, and even tips on how to organize a writer's life, Alex will offer personal consultations. It's happening Monday, June 18 at the The Asian American Writers' Workshop in New York. Here are some more details:
Novelstarter Workshop: Lecture and Consultation with Alexander Chee
Monday, June 18, 7PM-9PM

Have you tried to write a novel and found yourself paralyzed by the daunting task, unmotivated, or aimless in your literary pursuit? In this class, we?ll go over some of the basic steps, approaches, and methods for the beginning of novels and their drafting, how to organize your life differently, approaches to plotting and structure, how to work with an outline, and how to know when to drop your outline.

For an additional fee of $150, Whiting Award winner Alexander Chee will read your 30-page writing sample and meet with you for an individual hour-long consultation in which you will receive specific feedback on how you can proceed.

*Please bring a notebook and pen or laptop. The class is 2 hours long with a fifteen minute break.

@The Asian American Writers' Workshop
110-112 West 27th Street, 6th Floor
Between 6th and 7th Avenues
Buzzer 600

Register! Fee: $125 General/$100 Members
Fee with Consultation: $250 General/$200 Members
Call the Workshop at (212) 494-0061 to register
For further information about the workshop, and to sign up, go to the AAWW website here.

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