research survey on social experiences of asian american women

I recently heard from Pauline Chan, a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at Boston College. For her dissertation, she's looking at the social experiences of Asian American women in different contexts, and is look for folks to participate in an online research survey. Here are some more details:
Subject: Call for Asian American women (ages 18 or older) to participate in a survey and a chance to win an Amazon.com gift certificate

My name is Pauline Chan, a graduate student in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program. I am a second generation Chinese American and am working on my dissertation under the direction of Dr. Belle Liang. The study focuses on the social experiences of Asian American women. The study has been approved by the Boston College Office for Research Protections Institutional Review Board (Protocol #12.172.01A).

I am writing to ask Asian American women to participate in my online dissertation research survey and to offer an opportunity to be entered in a random drawing for an Amazon.com gift certificate for participation in the survey (5 $20 gift certificates and 2 $50 gift certificates available).

To participate in the study, participants must:

- Be 18 years or older and
- Self-identify as a woman who is Asian American or a member of an Asian American subgroup
The survey takes about 35-45 minutes to complete, and participants will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate. For further information, and to take the survey, go here.

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