70 stuyvesant students caught cheating on regents exam

Asians behaving badly... cheating students edition! In New York, seventy students at the city's most selective public high school have been caught cheating on a state Regents exam: 70 Stuyvesant Students Cheated on Regents.

According to the City Department of Education, last month at Stuyvesant High School, a student apparently photographed a Spanish exam with his phone and texted it to 69 other students. Real smart. A few kids will face suspension, while the others will lose privileges:
City Department of Education spokeswoman Erin Hughes says the mid-June incident at Stuyvesant High School involved a student who photographed the Spanish exam and texted it to 69 other students.

The student who sent the texts faces suspension.

They'll all be banned from some student groups and lose privileges such as having lunch off campus.

All of them will be allowed to retake the test.

A 71st student is facing suspension for cheating on another test by passing notes.
Cheaters! Caught and shamed. And of course, you will have to take the exam again. More here: 71 Stuyvesant High School students to retake Regents in wake of cheating incident.

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