music video: "zzz top" by aesop rock

Whoa. I have no idea what to make of "ZZZ Top," the new music video from Aesop Rock. It's a pretty badass track, but even more badass is Patti Li. The real-life Bay Area kung fu master is featured kicking all kinds of butt in this video, which is basically an action short film. Throwing knives and cracking skulls. Check it out:

Why are they fighting? What do they want? Why are these dudes so mean to Patti? Don't know, but asses definitely needed to be kicked.

Patti, aka Master Hao Zhi Hua, was a star performer on the original Beijing Wushu Team (alongside teammate Jet Li), is a three-time National All-Around Champion of China, and is the founder of the Wushu West school in Oakland. Badassssss. (Thanks, Jay.)

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