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Frustrations of an Asian American Whedonite Joss Wheden die-hard fan Mike Le on confronting the creator of Serenity on the lack of Asian representation in the show.

Tough Times for Tiger Moms as Asian-America Meets 'Jersey Shore: Jeff Yang's "Tao Jones" column covers K-Town. What's the exact opposite of the model minority stereotype? Tiger Mom, meet your match.

A Response to the Nightingale Casting Controversy at the La Jolla Playhouse "I would like to believe that internally and individually, my friends and colleagues at the Playhouse, an organization that has felt like home to me for many years, understand the indiscretions, and feel remorse for the position the institution seems to be taking, and I challenge them to speak to their personal convictions and not to their prescribed "obligations" to the company line."

The Radical Rise of Asian Soul Food On stinky food, reclaiming the concept of "fusion" and "ethnic" cuisine, and "letting go of that fucking Asian guilt."

Seoul Sausage Update: The Great Food Truck Race, Their New Restaurant + Buying Equipment with Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Chris, Yong, and Ted are the owners of Seoul Sausage and are on a mission to introduce folks to Korean flavors in a non-intimidating way.

Meet The First Asian American Gold Medalist, 91 Year-Old Sammy Lee When Sammy Lee dreamed of becoming a diver at 12 years old, it was at a time when people of color were restricted from using public pools in Fresno, California. So, he practiced in a sand pit. In 1948, he won an Olympic gold medal for diving. Then he became a doctor. Cheers to this badass.

Hsing: Don't Call It Ping Pong: A profile on Ariel Hsing and Lily Zhang, two the of the young Asian American Olympic table tennis phenoms who are representing Team USA in London this summer.

America's Adoped Athletes Meet Indonesia-born badminton player Tony Gunawan, who qualified for the Olympics after becoming a U.S. citizen.

Olympic champion grapples misery, demons: A profile on Canadian athlete Carol Huynh, who hopes to re-capture Olympic glory in 48-kilogram women's freestyle wrestling.

Takeshi Miyakawa Hearts New York A profile of Takeshi Miyakawa, whose "I Heart New York" public art installation landed him in jail back in May.

Immigration, The Gold Mountain And A Wedding Photo: "Attachments," an upcoming new exhibit at the National Archives in Washington DC, tells the stories of hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the United States through original, decades-old immigration documents and photographs.

With surging numbers, Asian-Americans look for congressional gains Three times as many Asian Americans have been running for Congress in 2012 than in the past two elections.

Filipino-Americans finally 'making waves' in politics For years, Filipinos have been largely absent from American politics, despite being the second-largest group of Asian Americans. That's starting to change.

In 'Red Chamber,' A Love Triangle For The Ages Forget Romeo and Juliet. Pauline Chen's novel, The Red Chamber, is a truncated and translated version of a beloved and classic Chinese love story.

Kaitlyn Leeb's Three Breasts Give Her The Weirdest Cleavage We've Ever Seen: And finally... actress/model Kaitlyn Leeb appears in the upcoming Total Recall remake as "seductive woman," aka The Woman With Three Breasts.

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