research survey on southeast asian american identity

This one is for Southeast Asian readers...

I recently heard from Tran Nguyen, a doctoral student studying clinical psychology at The Wright Institute in Berkeley. Tran is currently seeking Southeast Asian American participants for a research study examining identity and the perception of experiences.

Here are some more details on the study:
Dear Participant,

You are invited to participate in a study examining Southeast Asian Americans' identity and overall sense of well-being. The study is aimed to explore Southeast Asians Americans' sense of identity and the perception of their experiences.The researcher is conducting this study as part of a clinical psychology doctoral program at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA.

This study is seeking Southeast Asian Americans who are 18 years or older. Participants will be asked to complete a series of surveys which will take about 45 minutes to complete. Participation in this research is completely voluntary and no names will be collected. All data collected will be kept anonymous and precautions will be taken to ensure confidentiality.

All participants will have the option of entering a raffle for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. For more information or questions, please contact Tran Nguyen, M.S., tnguyen@wi.edu.
This is specifically for Southeast Asian Americans who are 18 or over. Can you help out a grad student? The questionnaire/survey takes about 45 minutes to complete, and for your time, you'll be entered into a raffle for a gift card. For further information, and get started on the survey, go here.

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