will the knicks pass on jeremy lin?

All right. There's been a great deal of speculation, a lot money talk, and even some finger pointing, about where the heck Jeremy Lin is going to play next season. Long story short: Houston has offered Jeremy a pretty fat contract, and now it's up to the Knicks to match the offer. Or not.

For those who've been keeping score, the Knicks certainly thus far haven't been making moves that reassure anyone of Jeremy's future with the organization. I've been holding off on posting anything about the situation until something concrete actually happens. For now, I guess we're on Jeremy Lin Watch.

But if you haven't been following to talk, here are some articles to get you up speed until the real news drops:

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Personally, I would like to see Jeremy Lin stay with the New York Knicks, where Linsanity as we know it truly started. Also, I have acquired quite a bit of Jeremy Lin/Knicks fan paraphernalia. Seriously, what am I going to do with all that stuff if he goes to the Rockets?

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