asteroid named after uc san diego professor

Some cool news from a couple of weeks back... Certain people with distinguished deeds (or a lot of money) will have streets or buildings named after them. But how many people get asteroids named after them?

The International Astronomical Union recently named an asteroid after Y.C. Fung, an emeritus professor in bioengineering at UC San Diego: Asteroid named after UC San Diego professor.

The asteroid named after Fung, located in our solar system's main asteroid belt about 225 million miles from Earth, has been officially designated "210434 Fungyuancheng," named for the man often called the "Founder of Modern Biomechanics":
Fung, 92, helped pioneer ways of combining engineering, biology and physics to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of health problems, especially soft tissue injuries. His work also was critical in the creation of artificial skin. Fung, who is still on faculty of the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, was awarded the National Medal of Science for his achievements.
92 years old, and still on the School of Engineering's faculty? Give that man an asteroid! That's going to be my new thing. "Give that man an asteroid!"

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