boyfriend almost suffocates while mailing himself in a box

And now from the stupid files... A guy thought it would be a fun surprise to put himself in a box and mail it to his girlfriend. Funny, right? Yeah, except he almost died: Barmy boyfriend almost dies in botched birthday stunt.

Hu Seng nearly suffocated in a sealed cardboard box when the parcel got lost, delaying delivery for hours. When the package finally arrived at his girlfriend's office, she unwrapped the box to find him passed out and in need of medical attention.
A BOYFRIEND almost died when a bizarre birthday surprise for his girlfriend went disastrously wrong.

Hu Seng, from southern China, nearly suffocated to death after mailing himself to his girlfriend’s office in a sealed box – which got lost in the post for three hours.

When the box finally arrived, shocked girlfriend Li Wang unwrapped her enormous present to find Seng passed out - and bystanders had to call paramedics to revive him.
Fortunately, the guy's okay. He apparently didn't realize it would take so long, and didn't make any air holes in the cardboard. Yo, there's doing silly things for love, and then there's being a bonehead.

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