elaine chao appointed national chair of asian americans and pacific islanders for romney

I guess this doesn't really come as a surprise...

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao would serve as the national chair of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Romney: Elaine Chao Tapped to Lead Asian American Pacific Islanders for Romney.

Wait, there's an actual entity called Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Romney? Since when? Why, thanks, Mitt. I didn't know you cared.

Chao previously served as Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush, and was the first Asian American woman appointed to serve in the Cabinet. She also happens to hold a prominent place on my growing list of Asian Americans I Hella Dislike:
"I am honored that Gov. Mitt Romney asked me to serve as the national chair of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Romney," said Chao. "Having worked in previous presidential administrations, I know Gov. Mitt Romney has the experience and the character to tackle the problems that are facing our nation. Americans are suffering, and it will take new leadership to put this country on a path to prosperity and full employment."

"Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have wonderful cultures that enrich all of America," said Romney. "For generations, members of this community have contributed to our country, started new businesses and invented new products, and served with honor and distinction in the fight to protect freedom all around the world. I am honored to have the support of such great Asian Americans, and look forward to working with them to get our country on the right track again."
Good luck with that.

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