"Me Love You Long Time" Comedian Gets Punched on Stage

It is immensely satisfying.

So this guy gets up on stage, puts on some chop suey specs, and starts harassing the Asians in the audience. I don't know anything about this so-called comedian Brett Eidman, but based on this one clip -- I'm not even entirely sure it's real -- he looks like an unfunny hack asshole who got what was coming to him.

I respect comedians, and the guts it takes to grind it out on stage like that. But people, if someone ever pulls that "Me so horny, me love you long time" shit on you, they need to be called out -- whether they're on stage or the street. However, I don't necessarily recommend punching a fool in the face.

That said... nice one, George.

UPDATE: This video captures clearer, closer version of the moment:

The punch looks even better up close. (Thanks, Timothy.)

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