rally for danny chen, august 11

Private Danny Chen was found dead with a bullet wound to his head after he was subjected to repeated incidents of racial taunting, humiliation, and hazing by six superiors. The first of the five charged in connection with Chen's death faced court martial in Fort Bragg, North Carolina last week.

Sgt. Adam Holcomb was found not guilty of negligent homicide, and guilty on lesser charges of assault and battery and two counts of maltreatment. He was sentenced to just thirty days in jail, ordered to pay $1,181.55 in fines, and demoted one level from sergeant to specialist.

That is some bullshit. This Saturday in New York City, OCA-NY is organizing a rally to protest the verdict and sentence. It's happening August 11, 2:00pm at Columbus Park in Chinatown. Here are some more details:

On October 3, 2011, Pvt. Danny Chen was found dead with a bullet to his head after being hazed and being subjected to racial slurs by his superiors. Eight soldiers have been charged in connection with his death. The jury at the first military court martial, US v. Holcomb, only found the defendant guilty of maltreatment and assault and battery. He was sentenced to only 30 days confinement, one level reduction of rank, and a $1,181.55 fine. Is this justice?

Where: Columbus Park, Chinatown
(At the corner Bayard and Mulberry)

When: 2:00PM, August 11, 2012

OCA-NY with co-sponsors: Chinatown Partnership, Chinese Progressive Association, MinKwon Center for Community Action, Asian American Arts Centre, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Asian Americans for Equality, Councilmember Margaret Chin, CAAV Organizing Asian Communities.
What is an Asian American soldier's life worth? If you're in New York, join friends and supporters this Saturday to demand justice, and demand that the Army uphold its purported values of respect and integrity.

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