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Adrian's win a true feel-good finish: How friggin' great was swimmer Nathan Adrian's gold medal win in the 100-meter freestyle? Pretty darn great, giving the U.S. its first title in the event since the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Olympics: Gabby Douglas finds coach Liang Chow at the right time: Here's a great profile on Liang Chow, who has coached America's brightest women's gymnastics stars in back-to-back Olympiad -- Shawn Johnson in 2008 and Gabby Douglas this year in London.

Our Favorite Olympian: Jenny Zhang: Also behind the U.S. women's gymnastics team's gold medal win, there's coach Jenny Zhang. The cameras always catch her being the first one to give the girls a warm, ethusiastic hug after each of their events.

US Olympic Gymnastics 2012: Why Can't Kyla Ross Get Any Love for Team Champs? Some love for American gymnast, gold medal Olympian and all-around cutie Kyla Ross, who hasn't gotten as much press coverage as her teammates, but has definitely shown her mettle for Team USA.

Idiot Olympics Fans Wonder Why All North Koreans Look Alike: If you need a reminder of how stupid people can be, just follow along with some Olympics commentary on Twitter. You will be thoroughly disgusted.

"They Said You Had to be White to Win Gold": Here's another profile on Olympic diver Sammy Lee, who braved discrimination, competed at the 1948 London Olympics and became the first Asian American to win an Olympic gold medal.

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