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Man who armed Black Panthers was FBI informant, records show: First, the story by Seth Rosenfeld, author of the newly published Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power, who dropped the bombshell claim that radical activist Richard Aoki was secretly an informant for the FBI.

Fred Ho refutes the claim that Richard Aoki was an FBI informant: Fred Ho, who had a close relationship with Richard Aoki, offers a fierce, point-by-point rebuttal to Rosenfeld and FBI agent Wes Swearingen's claims that Richard Aoki was an informant.

Where's the evidence Aoki was FBI informant? Op-ed piece by Diane C. Fujino, auhor of the Richard Aoki biography Samurai Among Panthers, who says Rosenfeld's conclusions are based on inconclusive evidence.

Statement Regarding Allegations that Richard Aoki Was An FBI Informant by Mike Cheng & Ben Wang: Mike Cheng and Ben Wang, the filmmakers behind the Richard Aoki documentary Aoki, also call Rosenfeld's claims and insufficient evidence into question.

Was Bay Area Radical, Black Panther Arms Supplier Richard Aoki an Informant for the FBI? Democracy Now hosts a conversation on these allegations, with both Seth Rosenfeld and Diane C. Fujino.

Why Richard Aoki Is Still A Symbol Of Solidarity: "Whatever turns out to be the truth, the next generation of Asian Americans who have been inspired by Richard Aoki already exist. And we’ve already been working in multiracial movements, engaging in radical activism, and breaking down those “model minority” myths. So in any case, his life has been and always will be a great legacy for us, and that can’t be questioned."

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