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Claudia Kishi: My Asian-American Female Role Model Of The '90s: "Thankfully, during my '90s childhood I had one Asian American girl to look up to who was talented in art, fashion forward, crazy unique, extremely confident, and just like me, a second-generation Japanese American."

Jeremy Lin on the Rockets Part I: Running the Pick-and-Roll: Is Jeremy Lin a good fit for the Houston Rockets? Let's take a look at his pick-and-rolls.

Month Later, Still Waiting for Answers on Lin Move: If you're a heartbroken Knicks fan, still trying to understand why the organization let Jeremy Lin go to the Rockets, you can forget about getting an official explanation.

Asian vs. Asian: Why are some Asian Americans carrying Abby Fisher's water in the affirmative action debate? Abby Fisher's case against affirmative action and the University of Texas at Austin has some support by Asian American community members and organizations. Here's why they shouldn't support her side.

An American Tragedy: Why isn't Oak Creek being treated as a tragedy for all Americans? Sadly, I think we all know the answer to that.

Hate Crimes: Shortly after the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, someone threw three pigs' feet during a service at a mosque in Ontario. Taz Ahmed talks about hate crimes, community organizing, and solidarity in the fight against Islamophobia.

Sikhs deserve the dignity of being a statistic: Under the FBI's current system of analyzing trends in hate crimes and allocating resources appropriately, the federal government does not track hate crimes against Sikhs.

Michael Page Didn't Choose a Wrong Address to Hit: Vijay Prashad: Professor Vijay Prashad provides more insight on the Wisconsin gurdwara shooting. On why extremists like Wade Michael Page exist, the history of Sikh presence in the U.S., and the problem of media outlets saying that the "wrong" address was targeted is that it implies there is a "right" address.

This Turban Stays On: " Sikhs are required to be fearless, and the turban is a declaration of Sikh identity, even in the face of persecution." And no, they will not assimilate by removing their turbans.

Interview: Eric L. Muller on new images of Japanese American internment in World War II: Colors of Confinement is a compilation of photos taken by Bill Manbo, whose family was taken from their Hollywood home and put into a Japanese American internment camp in Wyoming. During his time there, he documented internment life with Kodachrome film.

Top 5 Unsung Heroes In Japanese American History (Pt 2): Part two of the list of heroes in the Japanese American community -- this time, the awesome women who have impacted history.

The Ridiculous 'Red Dawn' Remake Is Even More Absurd Than You Think: Red Dawn might seem like just another silly action film with a ridiculous premise, but it also presents the audience with fears and threats that don't exist (e.g., China is not invading America).

In The 'Shadow' Of Death, Stories Survive: Vaddy Ratner was 5 years old when Khmer Rouge soldiers came into Phnom Penh and ordered her aristocratic Cambodian family to leave. In the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror, the only survivors in her family were Ratner and her mother. Her new novel, In the Shadow of the Banyan, is a fictionalized account of her story.

The Mentalist Actor Tim Kang Turns Producer: On hiatus from his regular gig on the CBS drama The Mentalist, actor Tim Kang chats with the National Film Society about his experience as a first-time film producer.

Cultures & immigration beat: Lao artists renaissance has roots in the metro: The Minnesota Lao population is at 12,000 and going strong, and the community has a booming arts scene.

The Healthy Gamer: The Healthy Gamer is a website focused on helping gamers (you know the type) become healthier, more confident, and more fulfilled in their lives.

Chef Chu's restaurant has served tech elite, from Steve Jobs to Jerry Yang: Chef Chu's restaurant in Silicon Valley looks like a family joint, but has actually been the Valley's longest-running power restaurants. Meet the charismatic man behind the restaurant.

2008 Indian American Medalist Raj Bhavsar Reflects on the Olympics: An interview with Raj Bhasavar, who was part of the men's gymnastics team that won the bronze in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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