seoul sausage on the great food truck race

All right! The third season of The Great Food Truck Race begins this Sunday, August 19 on Food Network. Basically, a fleet of food trucks hailing from all over compete in a multi-city competition with stops all over the country. This season, the big twist is that none of the competitors have ever run a food truck. How will things go when they hit the road? Here's a two-minute video promo:

It's a fun show, and this time around our horse in this race just happens to be some friends of ours: Yong, Chris and Ted of Seoul Sausage. Hailing from Los Angeles, they're serving up some super-tasty truck fare with a Korean twist.

Let's face it, after last season's disastrous disqualification of the Korilla truck, the Korean flavors could use some redemption on this show, and Seoul Sausage is representin' hard. Word on the street is, they make a strong showing in this competition. Definitely a truck to watch this season.

How far will they make it? Start tuning in this Sunday to find out. For more information about The Great Food Truck Race, go to the Food Network website.

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