sleeping dogs: hong kong action gangster gaming

Like, twenty people hollerin' at me to post something about the new video game Sleeping Dogs, out this week from Square Enix. Don't worry, I'm on it. At least, I've been aware of it. I'm not much of a gamer, but when I saw the demo for this game last month at Comic-Con, I was blown away.

Sleeping Dogs, formerly known as Activision's True Crime: Hong Kong, is an action game inspired by Hong Kong crime flicks, focusing on a Chinese American police officer who goes undercover to infiltrate the Triads. Appropriately for the genre, there's lots of shooting and asskicking.

Take a look at the launch trailer

Badass. The game features voice talent from the likes of Will Yun Lee, Byron Mann, Edison Chen, Parry Shen, Ron Yuan, Tzi Ma, James Hong, Kelly Hu and more. Like I said, I don't play a whole lot of video games, but I'd get into this. At least... maybe I'd enjoy watching someone play this.

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