casting call: mo'olelo performing arts company's extraordinary chambers

Hey actors! Passing along this casting call along for a theater company in San Diego...

The Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company is holding auditions next month for its upcoming production of David Wiener's Extraordinary Chambers, running June 6-20, 2013.

They are seeking actors local to San Diego or Los Angeles for the following roles:
Breakdown for

Extraordinary Chambers

Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company
San Diego, CA


MARA - Female, American, Late 30s. Speaks a little French in script. Determined woman who carries a deep sense of loss. Travels with her husband on a work trip to Cambodia over Christmas.

CARTER - Male, American, Late 30s. A caring man that tries very hard to fit in to the surrounding culture. Travels to Cambodia on a work trip for PanaTel, a phone company, to discuss a lucrative business deal with Dr. Heng.

DR. HENG - Male, Khmer, 60s. Speaks English, Cambodian, and French. Charasmatic and mysterious man of considerable influence. He is negotiating a lucrative business contract with Carter.

ROM CHANG - Female, Khmer 40s. Speaks English, Cambodian, and French. Strong, sensual woman with healing powers. Wife of Dr. Heng.
Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend. For further information, visit Actors Equity and the Mo`olelo website.

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