paperdoll's back to school dance party, september 13

For those of you in New York, our friends in the kickass pop rock band PaperDoll are throwing a big ol' Back To School Dance Party.

They'll be rocking out, crowning King and Queen, and naming superlatives. It'll be just like high school, but waaaaaaaaay better. It's happening Thursday, September 13 at Mercury Lounge. Here are some more details:
PaperDoll: Back to School Dance Party!

t'll be like High School, but better 'cause we don't have curfews and can drink in public. We'll be giving away "Superlatives" and crown a King and Queen! Don't miss out!

Manhattan, NY
Thursday 9/13/12

Mercury Lounge
217 E Houston Street
New York, NY
Doors 7pm, PaperDoll 8pm
For further information, go to the Facebook event here. And for more on PaperDoll and their music, go to the band's website here.

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