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Asian American youth culture is coming of age in 'the 626': Take a walk through the 626 Night Market with the Fung Brothers, whose rap ode to the San Gabriel Valley helped put the 626 on the pop culture map.

Gangnam Style's U.S. Popularity Has Koreans Puzzled, Gratified: No, hipsters, "Gangnam Style" is not just a video about "crazy Asians doing crazy Asian stuff." Learn more about K-Pop, the "accomplished singer-songwriter" PSY, and Korea's reaction to the song's popularity.

Yoshie Akiba: The woman behind famous Bay Area jazz club Yoshi's: Yoshie Akiba emigrated to the U.S. from an orphanage in Japan, and shortly after, went on to open Yoshi's, a jazz and sushi bar out in the Bay Area.

Why Couldn't Richard Aoki Have Been an Informant?: While Tamara K. Nopper doesn't want to believe that Aoki was an FBI informant, she does wonder if he could have been one.

Wal-Mart in Los Angeles Chinatown: Who Gets to Speak For Immigrant Communities? A great breakdown of the debate over building a Wal-Mart in L.A.'s Chinatown.

The Rise of the Majority-Asian Suburb: An article about the rise of "suburban Chinatowns," focusing particularly on the phenomenon that is the San Gabriel Valley.

How an Exclusive Los Angeles Suburb Lost Its Whiteness: Yet another story on the San Gabriel Valley, this time about San Marino, an affluent suburb whose white residents fought for years to keep it exclusive to whites.

The Old Pro: Yelp reviewer Michael C. describes a racist encounter he had with wait staff during a recent visit to The Old Pro in Palo Alto, California.

Presidential RACE (The Other Color): Jason Chu with a spoken word piece reflecting on race, politics, and why so Asian Americans are so apathetic when it comes to speaking truthfully about these matters.

Romney Privately Wondering How In The Name Of Fuck He's Going To Appeal To Asian Voters: A satirical look into the mind of Mitt Romney in his quest to get more votes.

"Asian-spotting" the GOP convention: Elephants aplenty, but do Asian Americans show up? Do Republicans know how to get Asian Americans to vote? Does anyone?

Nate Shinagawa on MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes: Nate Shinagawa, who is running for Congress in New York's 23rd congressional district, appeared as a guest on MSNBC's Sunday morning show Up with Chris Hayes.

Marry My Asian Daughter: "For all the sassified, successfully single sisters who are in constant disappointment to their loving Asian mothers."

"Fat for an Asian:" The Pressure to be Naturally Perfect: A perfectionist student at Columbia speaks candidly about her ongoing struggle to be thin by Asian standards.

The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever: One night two years ago, average guy Bill Fong surprised everyone at his local bowling alley -- including himself -- by almost scoring a perfect 900.

High Schools, or How to Be Asian American: A fiction story about one Asian American man's struggle in high school -- as a teenager and an adult.

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